Vita-gel Mask

An ultra-rejuvenating and revitalising gel mask enriched with natural moisture-binding ingredients including Alpha-hydroxy acids and Peptides. The combination of ingredients…
Product Volume | 50 ml
toning lotion 160

Toning Lotion

An antioxidant-rich skin toning medium with Allantoin and Kalahari Melon seed extract that will leave the skin balanced, rejuvenated and…
Product Volume | 160 ml
spf 40 50ml

SPF 40 Sun Protection

A mineral-based sunscreen fortified with Kigelia Africana and Mongongo extracts that provide natural protection and anti-ageing properties.
Product Volume | 50 ml
desert rose

Soothing Lips Kalahari Sunset

A lip treatment rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins derived from Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil.
Product Volume | ml
kalahari sunset

Soothing Lips Desert Rose

A lip treatment rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins derived from Shea Butter and Sun ower Oil.
Product Volume | 5 ml
soothing hand balm new 600x

Soothing Hand Balm with Hematite Stone Extract

A rich, nourishing and soothing Hand Balm that will restore the natural moisture in the skin.
Product Volume | 100 ml
skin brightening gel

Skin Brightening Gel

A gel-based Lotion created from a phyto-effective blend of antioxidants which assist with inhibiting the causes of uneven skin colour,…
Product Volume | 35 ml

Sensitive Homecare Kit

The Sensitive Home Care Kit is a selection of suitable products assisting in sensitive skin types.
Product Volume | ml
revitalising booster gel

Revitalising Booster Gel

A peptide-rich gel containing botanical extracts of Pentapeptide-3, Hydrolysed Elastin and Kigelia Africana which effectively support collagen synthesis and strengthen…
Product Volume | 35 ml

Radiance Day Serum

  A daytime treatment serum developed with antioxidant-rich plant extracts of Arnica, Rooibos Tea and Kigelia Africana.
Product Volume | 15 ml
phyto film toner

Phyto-Film Skin Toner

Phyto-film Toner is a treatment toner with Lactic acid and cell detox properties. A combination of highly effective botanical extracts…
Product Volume | 160 ml
phyto salve 50ml

Phyto Salve

A rich, concentrated blend of photo-effective ingredients.
Product Volume | 50 ml

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