Carina Franck and Kalahari are committed to giving back to the people of Africa through job creation and social upliftment. A percentage of every Kalahari product sold is sown back into local communities, giving our clients the opportunity to make a difference in the world. “by purchasing a product, you will effortlessly become a Kalahari ™ Humanitarian Partner – making giving back to others easy” – Carina Franck


Kalahari™ is the winner of the Spa Humanitarian Award

Our continuous efforts to uplift and support the many families living in the Kalahari has made this accolade possible. KalahariTM has a direct responsibility to the livelihood of these fragile communities.

bead project

Sustainable Job Creation

Kalahari™ has initiated the Bead Project in conjunction with various Khoi San communities. The proceeds go towards supporting participating families and provides an essential platform for our feeding programme.



The future lies in the education of children. KalahariTM sponsors various groups of Khoi San children by supporting them with a unique sustainable education program that enhances their ability to strategise, unlocking each child’s latent potential for a lifetime. This programme also includes reading classes.

food programme

Food Programme

Kalahari™ contributes to this life changing outreach programme by providing nutritional food and support to many people, children and families on a daily basis.

medical outreach

Medical Outreach

Kalahari™ initiated a medical outreach programme across Southern Africa. We have commissioned various medical experts to support communities with free medical care.

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