Problematic Skin


Acne occurs when a pore or hair follicle becomes clogged with natural sebum and dead skin cells.  Bacteria which lives in the skin called Propionibacterium acnes enters and infects the clogged pores to cause inflammation.  There are different types of acne: Non-inflammatory such as Whiteheads (closed comedones) and blackheads (open comedones).  Inflammatory acne types such as papules, pustules (pimples), nodules and cysts.

Understanding Problematic Skin:

The contributing factors for problematic skin may include genetics, hormones, hygiene, incorrect use of skincare products, stripping of the skin’s natural oil barrier, diet, stress, sleep patterns, medication, solar exposure and smoking.  In more severe cases, acne scarring is formed as a result of inflammatory or cystic acne. The pore or follicle swells due to the accumulation of excess oil, impurities and bacteria which forces the follicle wall to break.   There are different types of acne scarring:  Ice Pick Scars (deep pits), Boxcar Scars (angular scars – normally occur on the temple and cheeks), Rolling Scars (wave-like appearance) and Hypertrophic (thickened) scars.

Targeted Solution: 

Kalahari’s main aim in treating acne or acne prone skin is to restore the skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier and reduce inflammation by targeting the bacterial infection.   Our effective compound of botanical ingredients enhanced with a combination of scientifically proven ingredients will dramatically reduce and eliminate problematic skin conditions.   The homecare ingredient combination of Devils Claw Root extract, Resurrection plant extract, Rooibos Tea extract, Vitamin A, Salicylic acid, Nordihydrogualiaretic acid and Oleanolic acid ensures visible and effective results. Our Professional Treatments will enhance your treatment results.

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