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facial cleanser

Facial Cleanser

A gel-based Facial Cleanser rich in botanical extracts of Rooibos Tea and Kigali Africana.
Product Volume | 160 ml
Gentle Cleansing Milk 160

Gentle Cleansing Milk

An ultra-gentle milk cleanser suitable for even the most sensitive skin conditions. Enriched with Jojoba oil and soothing Rooibos tea…
Product Volume | 160 ml
toning lotion 160

Toning Lotion

An antioxidant-rich skin toning medium with Allantoin and Kalahari Melon seed extract that will leave the skin balanced, rejuvenated and…
Product Volume | 160 ml
phyto film toner

Phyto-Film Skin Toner

Phyto-film Toner is a treatment toner with Lactic acid and cell detox properties. A combination of highly effective botanical extracts…
Product Volume | 160 ml
enzyme face buff 50ml

Enzyme Face Buff

A vegetable- and fruit-based Enzyme Face Buff. The natural, refining Jojoba beads together with Pumpkin, Papaya and Pineapple enzymes offer…
Product Volume | 50 ml