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Why You Should Only Use One Skincare Brand

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Why You Should Only Use One Skincare Brand

Have you ever considered the reason why brands develop entire skincare regimens, as opposed to individual products that don’t follow any sequence? It’s more than just a simple way for brand’s to increase their bottom-line, there are several scientific reasons for doing so.

We’re shedding light on exactly why remaining loyal to one brand is what will make all the difference to your skin.

Building skin health and tolerance

Building the health and tolerance of the skin is one of the core reasons brand loyalty is so crucial when it comes to skincare. In order for products and treatments to be as effective as possible, ingredients need to be introduced to skin gradually. This is especially true for clients who are only just beginning their skincare journey.

Kalahari in particular, has developed a highly effective two-phase treatment strategy designed specifically for this reason. We believe in introducing clients’ skin to products and ingredients in doses that will improve the skin’s health, without overwhelming it.

During phase 1, skin cells build-up a tolerance for stronger ingredients until phase 2 is ready to be implemented. Phase 2 then includes products and treatments using a higher concentration of similar ingredients, while at the same time introduces the skin to newer ones.

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Complimentary Ingredients

Products and professional treatments created by one brand have been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with one another, particularly if presented as a regimen. Extensive research and care has been taken to ensure that the ingredients of one formula won’t interfere with the effectiveness of another.

Furthermore, repetitive ingredients with the same molecular structure are used in order to further compliment and enhance overall results.

Layering of products

An advantage of utilising one particular brand is knowing that all of these products have been formulated to be used simultaneously or layered over one another. They’ve been tested on skin to give optimal results when working synergistically together.

There is also a general rule of thumb when it comes to the order in which products are used. For example, water-based serums are generally applied before oil-based serums, moisturisers are applied last etc. This is because the molecular structure of water-based ingredients are smaller than those in moisturisers and if applied in the incorrect order, they will be unable to penetrate the skin’s outer layer. Not only does this render them useless, but it will also result in wasting valuable product.

For this reason, brands make a conscious effort to highlight the sequence in which a regimen should be followed without giving clients the added responsibility of having to figure it out for themselves.


Not only do brands want to provide the benefit of convenience by being a one-stop shop for all of your skincare needs, but they also have a valid reason for doing so. As mentioned previously, brands want to make the process of caring for your skin pain-free and simple, while simultaneously ensuring optimal results.

Utilising one brand eliminates the burden of clients having to become a qualified somatologist, in order to mix brands safely and effectively. Skincare brands should be the experts, and therefore don’t expect clients to do all the research required in order to understand the science behind the ingredients. Brand loyalty is therefore a low-maintenance option for when you just want to pull everything you need off of one shelf.


Besides the added benefits that using one brand will have on your skin, the most important factor is definitely safety.

For the everyday client – whose main priority is effective skincare with the least amount of effort – it’s safer to utilise one brand. This is essential if clients are not going to read labels and are not educated on skincare. Without the necessary knowledge, clients might combine treatments and products that are too harsh for their skin, which could ultimately result in a negative reaction.

In many instances, the incorrect ingredients for your condition might strip the skin’s hydrolipid layer, and in attempt to help your skin, might actually cause conditions to worsen.

Therefore, not only is it important to follow a carefully structured regimen designed by one skincare brand, but Kalahari emphasises visiting a trained therapist as well. This is because your skin needs to be fully analysed in order to design the perfect treatment strategy for your unique skincare needs.

So the next time you’re tempted to pull products from different skincare brands off the shelf, remember that combining the incorrect ingredients might result in making you’re particular skin condition even worse.

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