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8 Reasons to get a Kalahari Professional Treatment

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8 Reasons to get a Kalahari Professional Treatment

Most people tend to treat Professional Treatments as a one-off experience rather than a habit to include in your regular skincare routine.

A key ingredient in Kalahari Lifestyle’s recipe for success is our dual-action treatment strategy. We emphasise utilizing a Professional Treatment regimen as well as effective Homecare products to enhance and maintain Professional Treatment results.

Below is a list of the top reasons we feel receiving regular Professional Treatments is such an essential part of caring for your skin!

1. An expert analysis

Often, as clients, we are unable or unqualified to correctly diagnose our specific skin type, concern or condition. Therefore, having a professional therapist assess, and correctly treat your skin issues, can save you a lot of time and trouble. Furthermore, wherever you purchase your skincare products from, the salesperson is most likely to see you with make-up on. A benefit of getting your skin analysed and treated, is that a qualified Kalahari therapist will see you sans make-up, and therefore be able to identify your skin type or condition more accurately.

2. Specific problem-solving and professional advice

No matter your skin condition, a good Professional Treatment is always customised to focus on your specific skin concerns. By using the right combination of products and ingredients, a Kalahari therapist can really change the skin in order to achieve your greatest complexion. During a treatment, you are with a skilled therapist from 45-60 minutes, depending. This gives you the opportunity for the therapist to give you her professional advice, skin tips and recommendations. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a Professional Treatment is receiving an expert lesson on how to care for your specific skin type properly. After all, this is knowledge you can take home that will last well beyond the duration of your appointment. The lesson will always include product recommendations for your skin type, so you can best maintain the results of your treatment.

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3. Safe removal of blackheads and clogged pores

With proper preparation and skin softening techniques, your Kalahari therapist will use a professional technique to gently extract blackheads and impurities without causing harm to your skin. People usually have a difficult time eliminating blackheads at home because home care tools typically only reduce clogged pores and can often lead to dermal sensitivity or even permanent scarring if used incorrectly. It takes a professional to properly soften the skin before extractions can take place safely.

4. Facial massage improves circulation

The skin’s health is impaired when blood circulation slows. Aging leads to slowed circulation, which inevitably results in dull looking skin. One important benefit of a Kalahari Professional Treatment is the massage; which helps to increase blood flow, bring new nutrients to the skin and remove unnecessary toxins. This encourages a youthful appearance and results in a healthy, glowing complexion.

5. A scope for skin cancer

A benefit of working with a professional is that she will analyse your skin carefully for a lengthy period of time. She should note any potential skin abnormalities that might need to be further reviewed by a medical doctor. A therapist can be used as an extra set of eyes that may notice any skin imperfections that you might have been blinded to over time.

6. Stress release

Although some Kalahari Professional Treatments might not be considered completely pain-free, a fair portion of them can, in fact, be extremely relaxing! Many of our Professional Skin and Body Treatments are deeply rejuvenating both physically and mentally. A dimly-lit room, soft music, a warm comfy bed and perhaps the scents of Africa lingering in the air from one of our Aromatic Diffusers – what could be more invigorating for the mind, body and soul? Studies show that stress can lead to unhealthy skin, and taking time to relax and rejuvenate with one of our signature treatments is the perfect solution.

7. Skincare Devices

Some of the most useful tools used to tackle more persistent skin conditions are facial devices such as Micro-needling, PlasmaPens and DermaRollers. However, they can become very pricey, might not be available for retail purchase or are difficult to use without the help of a professional who has been trained to use them. A Professional Treatment gives you the opportunity to utilise these tools correctly and for a percentage of the cost.

8. An opportunity to trial the brand

Receiving a treatment will give you the opportunity to try a new brand before spending unnecessary money on Homecare products that might not work for you. Kalahari products and treatments provide visible results, and we encourage clients to come for a treatment and professional assessment in order to receive the best course of action for your particular skin concerns.

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