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The Best Acne-Fighting Ingredients

  The Best Acne-Fighting Ingredients

Problematic or acne-prone skin can be the manifestation of several contributing factors. One of which, includes products and treatments that consist of the incorrect ingredients for your particular skin condition.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list below of the natural, as well as scientifically-proven ingredients, everybody needs to have as a part their skincare arsenal in the fight against acne!

Salicylic Acid

There’s a reason Salicylic acid has become one of the most popular ingredients used to address problematic skin. Salicylic acid fights the breakout within the pore by helping to balance excess oil production – the primary cause in creating blocked pores – and therefore breakouts.

It acts as a gentle exfoliator to the hydrolipid layer of the skin, as well as an dermal soothing agent in order to soothe any irritations.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is a highly effective Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). It is an extremely effective chemical exfoliant that increases cell turnover. The faster cells replenish, the quicker skin will heal from breakouts; get rid of dirt and other impurities; and fade any acne scarring.

Glycolic acid is an extremely powerful ingredient and can be difficult to tolerate at first. Therefore, it is important to work it in to your routine once or twice weekly in a serum or toner, in order to build-up your skin’s tolerance before increasing it’s use.

Our Phyto Correct Serum uses Glycolic acid in combination with Willow bark extract and Tea tree oil, which is specifically designed to target problematic skin conditions.

Oleanolic Acid

Oleanolic acid might be an ingredient you don’t hear about as often as Salycilic or Glycolic, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. This is a particularly potent ingredient when it comes to reducing the production of excess sebum, while simultaneously reducing free radicals.


Nordihydroguaiaretic (NDGA) Acid

It might be difficult to pronounce, but this is one acne-fighting ingredient you’re definitely going to want to remember! Not only does Nordihydroguaiaretic acid have amazing dermal soothing benefits, but it also reduces excessive build-up of dead skin cells.


Other effective ingredients in controlling acne and increasing cell turnover, are Retinoids. Retinoids have multiple benefits, including effectively inhibiting and decreasing the number of orchestrators that cause dermal sensitivity.

Beyond treating acne, Retinoids have powerful anti-ageing properties, which means you can treat breakouts and fight the signs of ageing, simultaneously.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is an antibacterial agent that works best on those with oily-prone skin. This is an effective ‘bactericidal’ ingredient, which means it kills bacteria, rather than simply slowing down their growth. It works primarily as an exfoliating agent by increasing the turnover of the skin and removes the excess sebum and dead skin cells from pores.

Due to its strength, this ingredient should be used with caution. It can cause redness, peeling and drying if it isn’t applied in the correct proportions or for the correct conditions. It is important to use this ingredient sparingly and as a spot treatment. Furthermore, remember to discontinue use once your desired results have been achieved.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel doubles as an astringent and a disinfectant. This means it works to deeply cleanse skin and calm any irritations – all while healing damage from past breakouts.

It’s 100% natural, which makes it generally safe to use on very sensitive and younger skin types. Our Oily Skin Correction Gel includes Witch hazel and Tea tree oil to form a lightweight gel that purifies and moisturises the skin, leaving it with a blemish-free appearance.

Willow Bark (Salicylic Acid)

Did you know that Willow bark contains Salicylic acid and is therefore an all-natural exfoliant? This means that, when used on the skin consistently, it can fight acne and also discolouration.

Using products infused with Willow bark extract will help lighten acne scars and balance your complexion. Willow bark also aids your skin in shedding dead skin cells in order to support new cell growth.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an extremely powerful Phyto-effective™ ingredient found in many of Kalahari’s Homecare products. An antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredient, Tea tree helps to flush out the dirt and impurities that block pores.

Make sure to apply sunscreen if you use Tea tree oil, as it may make your skin more susceptible to UV rays!


As Clay dries on your skin, it draws out any oil and dirt, leaving your skin clean and your pores clear. An ideal ingredient for skin that is combination to oily, look for Bentonite or Kaolin clay when scanning the ingredient list.

Kalahari’s Phytic Clay Mask Professional Treatment contain Kaolin clay, which helps to refine pores for a smoother-looking complexion.


Charcoal is commonly derived from wood, and can really hit the reset button on your skin. This ingredient is extremely effective when it comes to detoxifying skin that has been exposed to acne-inducing environmental toxins, debris, and pollution. Furthermore, Charcoal has the unique ability to extract excess sebum, dirt, and toxins from pores.

We highly recommend Kalahari’s Activated Charcoal Mask that will leave skin feeling balanced, clarified, brighter and ultimately rejuvenated after use.Activated Charcoal Mask


Another naturally antibacterial ingredient, Sulfer is less drying and harsh than Benzoyl peroxide. Sulfur also has healing properties, which means it can be an effective treatment for hyperpigmentation, even as it targets current breakouts.


Aloe is an ancient ingredient used for skin and hair care. Not only is it exceptionally hydrating, but it also stimulates healing. Furthermore, Aloe reduces dermal sensitivity caused by common skin conditions such as acne.


Even though you now know the ingredients to look out for in order to combat problematic skin conditions, we recommend visiting a professional Kalahari therapist in order to accurately diagnose your condition. Let a professional worry about creating the perfect course of treatment tailored specifically to your needs, so you don’t have to!

Follow the link to purchase your phase 1 skincare routine for problematic conditions, and start your Kalahari skincare journey today!