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Restore your skin & gut from the inside

This de-age supplement contains an advanced Tri-biotic gut complex, compounded with key nutritional ketogenic elements. This superior grade collagen is proven to assist with multiple organ systems while providing de-ageing support. Add this delicious citrus flavoured supplement to your daily routine to kick-start your skin & gut health for the new year.

Repair your skin while you sleep with Ginkgo Biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract

is a potent antioxidant
compound. It strengthens
capillary walls in blood
vessels, improves blood
circulation & stimulates
collagen production. The
Intensive Night Serum is
the perfect serum to
add to your summer
skincare after a day of
solar exposure, heat,
sweat & pollutants. It will
boost your skins natural
evening cell regeneration
process & restore your
skins moisture.

restore your skin & gut health

Kalahari’s Founder & CEO  Carina Franck reveals what’s new this month – from her desk to yours…

Balance your skins microbiome with probiotics

The PhytoFlora Serum boosts the skins natural healthy bacteria while the Phyto-Calm Facial Mist effectively reduces chronic inflammation. This restoring duo will effectively improve your skins microbiome.

Antioxidants for your skin

The term antioxidant is a buzzword used throughout the health & beauty industry. However, many people aren’t quite clear on what antioxidants actually are & why they’re so beneficial to your skin & general health. Antioxidants are a group of naturally occurring compounds that protect your cells from damage or premature ageing, therefore it is vital within your product formulations!

The master of hydration

The Resurrection plant also known as “the water magnet” attracts water molecules within the skin as well as from the atmosphere, containing powerful water-binding properties. Hyaluronic Acid functions as a humectant & holds water molecules onto the surface of your skin. Combine these two ingredients together & they make a powerful duo for dermal hydration.

Newsletter - January/February 2023