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Effectively deep clean your skin

The Facial Silicone Exfoliator is a highly effective, easy-to-clean tool. This tool enhances the benefits of our cleansing mediums & our Enzyme Face Buff. It’s flexible design enables you to reach all areas of the skin allowing for a deeper cleanse. The soft bristles gently exfoliate while removing make-up and impurities.

Exfoliation creates fully functional skin

Exfoliation is important for making sure that your skin can function properly. It improves hyaluronic acid production, and skin shedding which in turn leads to optimal barrier functioning, as well as providing a deep cleanse of the skin barrier.

We have a wide range of body & skincare products that can help you achieve the fully functional skin you deserve!

new year, new skin

Franck Global’s Founder & CEO, Carina Franck, reveals what’s new this month – from her desk to yours…

Start your year off right with prioritising dermal preparation

The key to a healthy, vibrant complexion lies in adequately preparing the skin. Maintaining consistency in your routine and using products in the correct sequence significantly improves the appearance & health of your skin. This will also help products penetrate deeper, making them more effective!

Our skincare is sulfate free & here’s why

Sulphates (soap) are commonly found in shampoos, cleansers, & body washes, but can have a detrimental impact on the skin & our environment. Sulphates are known for their powerful cleansing properties, however, they tend to strip the skin from its natural oils and disrupt the skin’s delicate pH balance. Aside from affecting our personal well-being, once rinsed off, sulfates flow into water systems, where they can negatively impact aquatic life by disrupting their ecosystems, and harming micro-organisms. So we are skipping sulfates for the health of our skin, and our planet.

Prepare your skin with a Honeybush Skin Treatment

Honeybush Skin Treatment is a basic skin treatment  intended to revive a dull and dehydrated skin. It contains a natural blend of nourishing plant extracts, oils, and enzymes that work together to restore and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment is suitable for all skin conditions, including young skin.

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Newsletter - January/February 2024