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Celebrate your femininity this Women’s Month

This upcoming Women’s Month we are embracing bold and feminine pink with our African Flowers Set. This stunning set includes the brand NEW African Flowers Soothing Lips; a Collagen Lip Mask; a compact mirror for the girl on-the-go and a exclusive floral travel bag design. Let your feminine prowess shine, and do so with stunning lips! Available from 5 August on

Target your skin concerns with these amazing correctors.

Our correctors are formulated to target specific skin concerns at the root. This month we will be looking at the correctors most suited to combat hyperpigmentation and acne.

The Skin Brightening Gel has an effective formulation influencing the process of melanogenesis within the skin by reducing and preventing the appearance and formation of melanin.

The Oily Skin Correction Gel is a highly-effective, fast-absorbing gel. The ingredients specifically target oily skin, problematic breakouts and inflamed skin conditions.

let’s talk acne & hyperpigmentation

Franck Global’s Founder & CEO, Carina Franck, reveals what’s new this month – from her desk to yours…

Give your skin a jumpstart with our Skincare Kits!

We have a large range of skincare kits that have absolutely everything you need to treat your specific skin condition. From face wash through to spf these kits cover all the steps you need to achieve your skin goals. Featuring our Problematic Skin Kit and our Hyperpigmented Skin Kit below.

The first visible signs of ageing start with the eyes & neck

The delicate eye & neck areas are among the first areas to show signs of ageing due to their delicate skin.

The skin around the eyes is thin & prone to developing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles as collagen & elastin production decrease. Similarly, the neck has thinner skin and fewer oil glands, making it more susceptible to sagging, creases, & loss of firmness over time. This highlights the importance of targeted skincare for your eyes & neck.

Our Hydrating Collagen Eye Patches and Phyto Firming Neck Mask is the perfect at home eye & neck treatment.

Target hyperpigmentation & acne with the CF Ceuticals DRM Resurface Peel

DRM Resurface Peel is an advanced chemipeel skin treatment. Formulated with pure pharmaceutical grade acids, including Azelaic, Salicylic, Lactic and Mandelic. These highly effective acids work to reduce inflammation, acne, address melasma, diminish post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and enhance skin hydration. Resulting in a radiant and revitalised complexion. 

Go to to find a clinic near you and book your treatment today.

Newsletter - July/August 2024