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Carina Franck the CEO and Founder of Kalahari Lifestyle grew up on a farm in the Kalahari Desert.  Her passion for the land, it’s people and the ancient plants were the perfect synergy for an authentic success story.  Kalahari Skincare is a Phyto-ceutical Product Range developed over years of dedicated research by a team of botanical experts and cosmetic scientists. The highly phyto-effective™, innovative formulations contain superior-grade botanical oils and exceptional plant extracts from Africa and beyond. These natural ingredients are compounded together with scientifically proven ingredients sourced from well-known, international laboratories. Kalahari products provide visible results and treatment solutions for all skin conditions.


Kalahari Lifestyle is at the forefront of the discovery and development of new African botanical compounds by working closely with several South African Universities and their Plant Sciences Departments. African Indigenous plant knowledge is continually being researched to establish the efficacy of ancient botanical remedies and to explore the possibility of extending these hidden therapies that have survived generations to the benefit of all. The indigenous people of Africa have developed an intimate knowledge and understanding of the environment, enabling them to obtain all their food and medicinal needs from nature.   They have been able to thrive for tens of thousands of years in some of the world’s most challenging environments through their extensive knowledge of local plants; this information has been handed down through the generations and ensured their survival. The need to develop a connection between the past and the present in which we can outline the benefits of traditional plants is more important today than ever before. It is here that the Kalahari brand has positioned itself as a facilitator ensuring the delivery of the best of what Africa’s fauna has to offer to the consumer.