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  • Body & Spa

    Kalahari Story Box


    Luxury Collection in Wooden Box

    *200ml Desert Mineral Exfoliator

    *100ml Soothing Hand Balm

    *160ml Bath and Shower Gel

    *5g Soothing Lips

  • Treatment Masks

    Powder Clays & Mud Treatment Set


    Create your own skin treatment in the comfort of your home! The POW[D]ER home-care kit includes 3 options of 100% Organic Clays and Mud with 2 nourishing treatment options targeting dry & dehydrated skin. Combine any of the natural botanical powders with either the Gentle Cleansing Milk or Nourishing Face and Neck Mask for an ultra-hydrating treatment.

    Kit Content:

    20ml Gentle Cleaning Milk

    20ml Nourishing Face & Neck Mask

    25gram Powder Clays & Mud

    -Kigelia africana Mud

    -Honeybush Infused Clay

    -Pink Desert Clay


    Small Glass Mixing Bowl

    Mask Brush


  • Prepare

    Phyto-Calm Facial Mist


    The Phyto-calm Facial Mist will visibly reduce redness and sensitivity whilst  supporting the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Sensitized and Sensitive skin’s has become more common and treating it effectively is vital.  Skin sensitivity is caused by multiple factors such as genetics, medication, incorrect product use, pollution or allergies. This treatment facial mist will immediate and effectively reduce dermal redness and chronic redness.

  • Treatment Masks

    Photon Light Therapy Mask


    The Photon Light Therapy Mask utilizes the advanced technology of LED (Light Emitting Diode), and transmits natural light-like waves that activate photoreceptors within skin cells with various treatment benefits.  This device has 3 treatment options.

  • Treatment Masks

    Vitamin C Mask


    A nutrient and antioxidant rich, multi-effective leave-on treatment mask is formulated with rejuvenation-based ingredients such as encapsulated form of vitamin C, Peptides, Cannabis Sativa oil and Resveratrol. This treatment will accelerate dermal rejuvenation and visibly de-age the skin leaving it firmer and brighter.

  • UVA/UVB Protection

    Solar Defence Fluid 50


    The Solar Defence Fluid 50 offers a complete-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, HEV & IR-A. The formulation contains the latest ingredients including antioxidants, vitamin C & E. The cream-gel fluid adds an invisible shield onto the skin and includes anti-pollution benefits with a dry touch, non-greasy application. The Solar Defence Fluid 50 is water-resistant and will not burn your eyes, which is a great advantage.

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