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Meet our founder: Carina Franck

Carina Franck has dedicated the last 2 decades contributing towards the global beauty and wellness industry. Driven by a personal mission to empower individuals and communities with knowledge that can benefit their wellbeing, health and lives. Carina originally founded the Kalahari Skin and Body product range, which has now grown into Franck Global offering a wide spectrum of integrative wellness solutions.

Our origin

Carina Franck grew up on a farm in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Her passion for the land, it’s people and the ancient medicinal plants were the perfect synergy for an authentic success story. Over the last two decades Carina has established four well recognised brands within the fast moving international health and beauty industry. Carina has recognised the demanding expectations of the modern, eco-smart consumer and this has inspired her to dedicate her vision to discovering how we can use the bounty and wonder of botanicals to our advantage, without harming the natural state in any way.

The Science

The secret of an extraordinary formulation lies in the delicate balance between sustainable natural ingredients compounded with modern scientific ingredients. Each product is carefully formulated using ethically sourced botanical oils, concentrated plant extracts, superior phyto-compounds, phyto-chemicals and pharmaceutical grade raw materials from renowned laboratories. We source our ingredients from certified resources and our stringent eco-awareness protocols ensure the safety of vulnerable African ecosystems and beyond. Franck Global works in conjunction with a team of botanical experts, cosmetic scientists and pharmacists to obtain superior scientifically proven formulations.