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  • Problematic Skin Phase 1


    The contributing factors for problematic skin may include genetics, hormones, hygiene, incorrect use of skincare products, stripping of the skin’s natural oil barrier, diet, stress, sleep patterns, medication, solar exposure and smoking. In more severe cases, acne scarring is formed as a result of inflammatory or cystic acne. The pore or follicle swells due to the accumulation of excess oil, impurities and bacteria which forces the follicle wall to break. There are also different types of acne scarring: Ice Pick Scars (deep pits), Boxcar Scars (angular scars – which normally occur on the temple and cheeks), Rolling Scars (wave-like appearance) and Hypertrophic (thickened) scars.

    • Facial Cleanser Gel
    • Enzyme Face Buff
    • Phyto-film Toner
    • Oily Skin Correction Gel
    • PhytoFlora Serum
    • Hydralite Moisturiser
    • SPF 40
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