Sensitive & Sensitized Skin


Sensitive & Sensitized skin types and conditions have become one of the most common skin concerns among people today. A sensitive skin type is genetic; while sensitized skin – also known as reactive skin – is based on several external factors.

Understanding Sensitive & Sensitized Skin

Sensitive skin: usually has genetic origins and is redness-prone with red flushes. For sensitive skin, the slightest irritation or provocation can cause a flare up at any time. A reaction may be caused by allergies, pollution, chemical irritants, illness, extreme temperatures, and other unsuitable environmental conditions. The higher histamine levels in the body can make sensitive skin more susceptible to inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. The visible signs of sensitive skin include chronic redness, dermatitis, chafing, broken veins and fine broken capillaries.

Sensitized skin: also known as ‘reactive skin’, is usually self-induced. Sensitized skin can also occur from pre-existing conditions, which can be undiagnosed or untreated, such as acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis and allergies to foods such as gluten and dairy.  The use of harsh chemical cosmetics, make-up, too many harsh professional skin treatments which strip the natural hydrolipid barrier, medicine, diet and hormones, are all major contributing factors. When allergens come into contact with intolerant skin, the body issues a full-blown immune response, releasing antibodies to attack the offending substance which results in visible reddening and inflammation of the skin.

Targeted Solutions:

Treating a sensitive or sensitized (reactive) skin comes down to ingredient formulations which focus specifically on the prevention of inflammation, protecting the natural hydrolipid barrier (acid mantle), reducing free radicals and restoring the skin’s natural health. With plant ingredients such as Skin Microbes, Aloe leaf extract, Centella asiatica extract, Chamomile and numerous other soothing botanical oils, we can successfully treat and restore the skin’s healthy balance.

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