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The Franck Global Group is the umbrella company for the K Pharmaceuticals, K Phyto-ceuticals, CF Ceuticals and the Kalahari Luxury
Body & Spa Range
. These individual product ranges were developed over years of dedicated research by a team of expert cosmetic
scientists, pharmacists and medical experts, offering a complete solution for all skin conditions and the wellness needs of the consumer.

Your complete integrative skin, body and nutritional solutions.

K Pharmaceuticals

The K Pharmaceuticals range offers functional food smart supplementation through advanced nutrition compounds. The formulations enhance multiple functions within the body and are the most thoughtful supplements for a healthy lifestyle.

K Phyto-ceutical Skincare

Based on plant technology merged with scientific ingredients. This phyto-effective range targets the restoration of the skin to achieve a fully functional, healthy state by reducing dermal inflammation and to restore the skins natural hydrolipid barrier. This is a targeted solution for all skin conditions.

CF Ceuticals

This is a pro-aesthetic treatment range based on the latest retinols in high-performance formulations. This range has the latest sensory technology and is suitable for all photo types and skin conditions. Suitable for aesthetic practitioners and aesthetic aestheticians.

Kalahari Luxury Body & Spa

A luxury Body & Spa range that contains superior-grade botanical oils and plant extracts from Africa and beyond. The signature fragrances and textures allow for an exceptional sensory experience.