Phyto Fluid Foundation Savannah


The Phyto Fluid Foundation is a new generation formula that contains ultra-fine hollow spherical particles with light defusing, mattifying and non-shiny properties. The application provides a medium, smooth coverage in combination with the moisturising and anti-inflammatory benefits of the Hyaluronic acid and Kigelia Africana extract.

All skin Conditions,


Key Ingredients

Titanium dioxide (physical solar shield)
Hyaluronic acid
Kigelia Africana
New generation ultra fine, hollow spherical particles
Light defusing formulation

Product Benefits

Buildable, light to medium coverage
Matte, non-shiny finish
Moisturizing benefits for the skin
Specially coated pigments improve smooth application and wear
Light diffusing properties

How to use

Apply 2- 3 drops onto the brush and apply from the nose in outwards movements. To find the perfect blend for your skin complexion you can mix the colour combinations. As this formulation contains various sized spherical particles, we recommend that you shake the bottle before application.

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